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CPC³ Lectures

Theology | Tradition | ... and Our Times

Nov. 25, 2021 - Ron Dart - Jordan Peterson: Sic et Non (Postponed until further notice)
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"Jordan Peterson: Sic et Non" with Ron Dart
November 25, 2021
(Postponed until further notice)

Sadly, due to the heavy rains, we have postponed this event until further notice—likely until the new year.

Ron Dart has taught in the department of political science, philosophy, religious studies at University of the Fraser Valley since 1990--he was on staff with Amnesty International in the 1980s. Ron has published more than 40 books, including editing "Jordan Peterson: A Christian Perspective" (2020). Ron also has 2 articles in the newest book on Peterson to be published in November 2021.

Listen to "First Things" Podcast featuring Ron Dart in an episode titled, "Myth, Modernity, and Mr. Peterson."

Jordan Peterson, more than most, has played a prominent role in public debates since 2016. Many are those who demonize him. Many are those who uncritically genuflect before him. This lecture will reflect on the good that Peterson offers in the culture wars and some of his limitations.  

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Oct. 28, 2021 - Dr. Paul Allen - Human Dignity in Creation: Evolution and Metaphysical Form
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"Human Dignity in Creation: Evolution and Metaphysical Form" with Dr. Paul Allen
October 28, 2021

Dr. Paul Allen is Dean and Professor at Corpus Christi College, Vancouver, Canada.

In his lecture, Dr. Allen will present a paper on a theological argument that human dignity is best understood within the scope of the theological doctrine of creation, assisted by an engagement with Darwin’s theory of evolution.Human dignity based on human will (Kant), our legal equality with one another (Rawls) or a loose concept of self-transcendence (Tanner et al.) are insufficient. But, as a component part of creation doctrine, human dignity is both a plausible interpretation of our bodily form and a way of expressing the irreducible character of human freedom, ordered to relationship with God. Darwin’s theory of evolution supports a metaphysics of human form, despite the naturalism that runs through his thought.

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